Cool Japan Home and Away Shirts 2016

Japan national team is one of successful teams in Asia. The national squad has won four champions of Asian Cup, qualified for six World Cup Finals and won a second place of FIFA Confederations Cup. Besides, it is the only team from outside the Americas to participate in the Copa América, having been invited in 1999 and 2011. Although they initially accepted the invitation for the 2011 tournament, Japan Football Association later withdrew because of the 2011 Tohoku earthquake and tsunami.

The best team deserves to have the most advanced football products. Adidas is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the supplier of Japan national team. The company has designed and manufactured countless football shirts for the team.

Japan home shirt 2016 is traditional Samurai blue, a symbol of victory. The collar is a rounded v-neck design. There are horizontal stripes in eleven different gradated shades of blue representing 11 players at football fields who have different personalities form a strong and united team. The red line, through the middle of these blue stripes, represents not only the supporters of the team but also the 12th player. A feather of the three-legged bird appears interior of the collar as a guide and supporter to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

As the traditional color of away shirts, white is still as the main color of 2016 away shirt. The special pattern on the jersey represents the brilliance of diamonds, showing the strong personalities of 11 players. Dark Adidas stripes, symbolizing victory, are placed on both sides of the shirt, which is the first time that the stripes have not been put on shoulders.

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Cheap Italy Home and Away Shirts

PUMA and Italian Football Association (FIGC) jointly launch Italy Home and Away Shirts 2016 for Italy national team to participate in 2016 European Cup.

Inspired by traditions of Italian football that are growing passion and a strong sense of pride, designers create blue home shirt and white away shirt. Some unique details are included in the new design.

High-round collar of the classic jerseys is used in new home shirt, which keeps a classic charm. White PUMA logo and the badge of the FIGC are shown on the upper right and left, showing the uniqueness of the shirt and paying homage to the country.

The away shirt has a different color with the home shirt. It is white. There is a three-colored stripe from the collar to the bottom, and the three-dimensional badge of the FIGC is inlaid in the stripe. Tailored blue collar and stripes on shoulders make a contrast with the main color. The logo of Puma brings out the crucial point.

Italy football shirts, manufactured by PUMA’ s latest ACTV Thermo-R technology, can help players maintain body temperature during exercise. Unique material can absorb excess heat and release it back to the body when it is needed.

“The new design has influenced by the powerful Italian culture and created a lot of compelling details. We get inspiration from the rich heritage of Italian football, and learn from it. I am proud of the final design and looking forward to the next matches after the preliminary match.” said Tosten Hochstedtter, PUMA’ s global creative director.

Replica Albania Home and Away Shirts (2017)

Albania, officially Republic of Albania, locates in the southeastern Europe. Albania is a beautiful country enthusiastic about wide scope of sports. Even though traditional sports of Albania have a lot to do with survival, the most popular national sport is football. For shortage of prominent teams or recognizable players as in the communist times, surreal icon became the image of the Albanian football. Almost each town and city owns a form of amateur league for enthusiasm on football.

New home and away football shirts of the Albania national football team unveiled in 2017 are predominately red and white respectively. After the unveiling of new Albania football shirts, they are sought after by loyal fans of Albania national football team. The debut of these football shirts are expected at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia qualification.

Although varied in color, designers of Macron take same template in the manufacturing of the home and away football shirt of Albania. Gradually changed diamond pattern on the front symbolizes feathers of two-head eagle and represents mountainous and hilly areas, which accounts for three fourths of its territorial area.

New Argentina Home and Away Shirts

Football in Argentina is regarded as “a passion of the crowds”. Argentine Football Association (AFA) is the oldest football association in South America and the eighth in the world. The Argentine football team has won FIFA World Cup in 1978 and 1986, the gold medal in 2004 and the silver medal in 1928 and 1996 in the Olympic Games, and the South American Cup 14 times, apart from hundreds of international cups successively. At present, many powerful clubs across the world have one or more than one players from Argentina. Due to its power, Argentina comes out top usually.

New Argentina football shirt of the team is weaved by this sophisticated technology – Climacool. The new away football shirt is predominately navy blue. White logo of Adidas and shirt badge are printed on the front.

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Replica England Home and Away Shirts

Football in England is similar to religion and the enthusiasm on football is infectious. If you are a loyal fan of football in England, football tour in London is an extremely worthy method to know more about it.

Symbolic stadiums in the famous city offer behind-the-scenes trips in which fans could visit player’s dressing room, dugouts and player’s tunnel. Loyal fans could relive classic and splendid instants of many football teams at onsite museum and stores, where loyal fan could get kitted out with bespoken England football shirt.

Certainly, the ultimate way to experience fever of England football team is to watch live match on iconic stadiums in England.

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Replica Belgium Home and Away Shirts

New Belgium football shirt is designed to show respect to the popular and successful biking of Belgium. The new home football shirt of Belgium national football team is predominately red, decorated with black horizontal stripes traversed chest on the basis of red textile. It expresses dynamic energy to achieve great success same as in biking. Three striking stripes run the length of football shirts take place of symbolic three stripes for triumph of Adidas on shoulders.

New away football shirt of Belgium national football team is predominately blue, aiming at showing respect to the most popular and successful biking of Belgium. The front is printed with black logo of Adidas, shirt badge and tri-color horizontal stripes traversed whole chest part.


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Colorful Croatia Home and Away Shirts

Entirely new Croatia football shirts are unveiled by Nike to celebrate long-term cooperation between Nike Inc. and Croatia Football Federation. The fluctuation of decorative pattern of home and away football shirt adds energy into it, compared with previous football shirts.

The “Hrvatska” printed on back collar reminds players to fight for their country at any time. Flat and seamless reticular structure made by silica gel and blue logo of Nike are printed on the upper left and upper right respectively. This material could reduce the friction between body and shirt badge. Blue stripes run the length of football shirts, matched shorts.


New away football shirts of the Croatia football team embodies not only the symbolic detail designs, but also performance creation, environmental technology and sustainability. High-performance yarn brings strong breathability for players on football fields.

Sustainability takes the priority over other design details while Nike promises to equip the incomparable advantages with football shirts and less effects on environment.