Replica Albania Home and Away Shirts (2017)

Albania, officially Republic of Albania, locates in the southeastern Europe. Albania is a beautiful country enthusiastic about wide scope of sports. Even though traditional sports of Albania have a lot to do with survival, the most popular national sport is football. For shortage of prominent teams or recognizable players as in the communist times, surreal icon became the image of the Albanian football. Almost each town and city owns a form of amateur league for enthusiasm on football.

New home and away football shirts of the Albania national football team unveiled in 2017 are predominately red and white respectively. After the unveiling of new Albania football shirts, they are sought after by loyal fans of Albania national football team. The debut of these football shirts are expected at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia qualification.

Although varied in color, designers of Macron take same template in the manufacturing of the home and away football shirt of Albania. Gradually changed diamond pattern on the front symbolizes feathers of two-head eagle and represents mountainous and hilly areas, which accounts for three fourths of its territorial area.

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