Colorful Croatia Home and Away Shirts

Entirely new Croatia football shirts are unveiled by Nike to celebrate long-term cooperation between Nike Inc. and Croatia Football Federation. The fluctuation of decorative pattern of home and away football shirt adds energy into it, compared with previous football shirts.

The “Hrvatska” printed on back collar reminds players to fight for their country at any time. Flat and seamless reticular structure made by silica gel and blue logo of Nike are printed on the upper left and upper right respectively. This material could reduce the friction between body and shirt badge. Blue stripes run the length of football shirts, matched shorts.


New away football shirts of the Croatia football team embodies not only the symbolic detail designs, but also performance creation, environmental technology and sustainability. High-performance yarn brings strong breathability for players on football fields.

Sustainability takes the priority over other design details while Nike promises to equip the incomparable advantages with football shirts and less effects on environment.


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